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There’s a magical Tieguanyin, you probably don’t know yet!

Mention Tieguanyin, the impression is clear soup green leaves, aroma high. Into the Tieguanyin’s hometown of Anxi, streets and lanes on the table are Fen Tieguanyin, only the old tea drinking homemade talent in ancient Tieguanyin, in the older generation of people’s eyes, Tieguanyin Guanyin is best expressed in the ancient Facai rhyme.
However, the traditional method of Oolong tea has not gone out of Fujian. It has been the champion of Chinese mainland in order to cater for the fragrance and flavor of the tea lovers from all over the country.
What is the ancient Tieguanyin?
Ancient Tieguanyin tea originated from the traditional method of Tieguanyin tea in Anxi, also known as charcoal roasted tieguanyin. On the basis of the traditional semi fermented Tieguanyin tea, the charcoal is baked again for 24-72 hours. The furnace must be properly controlled, the temperature is not too high, and the 50-60 degree is the most suitable
Ancient Tieguanyin tea, with the common clear soup, green leaves fragrance type Tieguanyin entirely different. It –
The aroma is more sedate,
The taste is more heavy,
Sweet returns are sweet.

Anxi Tieguanyin tea with longevity

Anxi Tieguanyin Tea belongs to Oolong Tea, between Black Tea and Green Tea, using the magical and unique “semi fermented” tea process, the core process is cool blue, shaking, through the movement of students to promote the fresh tea intrinsic material physical and chemical reactions, and thus both the Black Tea mellow sweet and fragrant Green Tea fresh, has a natural tea fruit aroma, such as blue tea, sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, and has a unique “Guanyin rhyme”.
All kinds of tea, but the aroma characteristics of Anxi Tieguanyin Tea the most abundant and diverse, durable, can be comparable with the French perfume. Scientific research found that Tieguanyin contains more than 70 kinds of aroma substances, more than 10 kinds of tea.
Tieguanyin is not only fragrant, high flavor and mellow, it is a natural and delicious drink, and health care function in tea is also a leader. Anxi Tieguanyin Tea nutrient rich in polyphenols, beneficial to human health of the protein and amino acid, besides the general tea health functions, also has the effect of anti-aging, anti-cancer, “longevity tea”.
It is found that the fresh leaves of Tieguanyin contain abundant organic components. It is determined that the total content of water extract of the three leaves of Tieguanyin tea is 36.29%, the content of tea polyphenols is 21.14%, and the total amount of catechin is 146.71 mg / gram. By domestic and foreign scientists showed that the chemical composition and mineral elements in tea has the following main effects on human health: prevent cancer, anti-aging, prevention of arteriosclerosis, diabetes, diet fitness, prevention of dental caries, sterilization and dysentery and fever, refresh etc..
China disease professor Han Chi Institute of nutrition and food safety prevention and control center of Anxi Tieguanyin Tea the latest research in the inhibition of cancer, protect the cardiovascular system, has the following functions: Tieguanyin is a has a role in inhibiting cancer, can inhibit the nitroso compound METHYLBENZYLNITROSAMINE precursor in vivo synthesis then the inhibition of esophageal tumor; two is to have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system, drinking Tieguanyin tea has lower triglycerides and total cholesterol level, reduce the tendency of thrombosis and to some extent reduce the DNA oxidative damage, reduce lipid peroxidation effect, helps maintain the normal function of the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease the. Han Chi reminds readers that at least three tea per day per person will have preventive effect.
In addition to the tea itself has health ingredients, Anxi Tieguanyin tea bubble drink method – Minnan Gongfu tea and tea culture, tea is also an important reason for health. Tea culture research scholars believe that the main content of the tea culture in two aspects, namely the people formed in the tea production and consumption in the process of behavior patterns (such as tea ceremony, tea, tea and other subjective factors, behavior culture) and values, people born in the process of the application of tea aesthetics, way of thinking (such as tea etc. the pursuit of the pursuit of the aesthetic taste and artistic conception in tea operation etc.).
The core of the tea culture is the spirit of tea ceremony, the spirit is characterized mainly by the way of neutralization, natural and elegant beauty, myeongryun ceremony. Anxi Tieguanyin Tea tea spirit advocated to Tea Road, and sincere life, respect people, strengthen communication, resolve conflicts and live together in peace together to adjust the interpersonal relationship, and eliminate barriers, conducive to social stability and unity, wind righteousness and Shun Hing industry.
“Anxi Tieguanyin” is a pure natural ecological product. Its quality is superb, unparalleled, and it has a remarkable health care effect. Anxi Tieguanyin tea can be drunk and assured!” Engaged in tea processing technology research, quality management and testing technology research director of the national tea quality supervision and inspection center Zheng Guojian, said in his speech several times.

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